Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Down Memory Lane & Love Letter

Yesterday was a very memorable Valentine's day for me. I woke up and was greeted with two adoring faces (Mallorie's & Kyle's), along with breakfast, flowers and love letters. They had apparently woken up very early to prepare breakfast for me, I'm a very light sleeper so I was very surprised that I hadn't heard them tip-toeing around the house as they prepped everything.  

As the day ensued, my mind kept going down memory lane, as I tried to figure out how exactly I got to be so lucky and have such a thoughtful loving husband. I have the sweetest little girls, and a husband that would move heaven and earth for me. He wakes up everyday with a desire to make all of his girls' happy. He thinks of everyone but himself and is such a bright and cheerful soul to be around. I hope that one day I can truly deserve him! He inspires me to be better, he supports my ideas and desires, and sees the best in me (even when I can't). He's my best friend and the one and only one that makes me feel undeniably safe, loved and treasured. I am so grateful for him!

So, here's a little love letter to my one and only.
Eleven years ago I fell in love with a boy from Wyoming.

I met you in a sappy twist of fate on the first day of Spring while attending BYU-Idaho. It was by far the coldest Spring I had ever experienced and there was still plenty of snow on the ground, but luckily the tennis courts were dry enough to play on {which I knew because I'd been ceremoniously checking all Winter}. You were playing with your roommate and I had plans to play with my girlfriend but after seeing you, I just had a feeling that I should walk over to you and see if you'd like to play doubles instead (and boy am I glad I did!). I'm so lucky you agreed, because as the day unfolded, I quickly realized how talented, kind and patient you were. 

As the seasons passed that first year, I found myself gravitating towards you even more, we'd spend every day together, going on little adventures, playing tennis and oh yeah studying from time to time:). Talking with you was so easy, you just got me from the get-go, it was like we had been friends for years. It was a magical time for me! As I got to know you better I quickly saw your hard work ethic (having a full-time job and maintaining your 4.0 GPA) and your drive for life was so refreshing. You weren’t the typical ‘smart guy’ I was used to dating, you had a passion for the outdoors & adventure that was unparalleled. We spent our days playing tennis, bridge-jumping, spelunking, going to the sand-dunes and hiking. Being together was easy from the very beginning, because we had so much in common and we were both pretty mild-tempered kids (at least back then anyway:D).

Dating you definitely intensified my love for you, because you were so fun to be around, and could make me laugh like no one else! You were charming, witty and so good at communicating your thoughts and feelings. I saw how diligent you were at planning for the future, for yourself and later for the both of us. You are the wisest person I've ever met, and you never do anything without thoroughly analyzing the pros & cons first. I loved seeing what an amazing friend you were to all those you cared about. You are an incredible friend, and I have loved becoming your best friend and your one & only confidant.

In marriage you have taught me how to be more patient, selfless, driven, charitable, hopeful and exude happiness. You have been unwavering, dependable, loving, thoughtful and deserving of every inch of my heart. You have restored my faith in fathers, and are the sweetest daddy to my girlies! You yearn to fill their days with happy memories, life-skills and a love for life! You are THE best man I've ever met and the one that I choose (now and forever). Thank you for making these last eleven years unforgettable.

I love you Kyle for the wonderful person that you are. And, for your eagerness to improve, progress and become a better person with every coming day. 

You truly inspires me! I am so grateful for having you in my life. You make me want to be a better person. I'm definitely not perfect, far from it actually, but I am certainly a little closer to it with you by my side!

Love you, baby!