Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hiking & Exploring Ohio!

Since we had an extra long weekend and the weather was near perfection (with a high of 68 degrees), we decided to take our babies on a little hike. We haven’t done this in Ohio as regularly as we use to (before having Madison) but it's a real favorite of ours
Looking through these pictures has me itching for spring and regular family hikes.

Side note: If you're in Ohio, the Hocking Hills State Park is  a really fun place to explore as a family. The views are stunning and they have a ton of outdoor activities available.

Here's a few things I want to remember:
* Madison bolting from us the second we got her down from her carrier (story of our life this year). She also wanted to pet every dog she passed on the trail & would speak to it in an adoring high pitch voice.

* Hayden asking to cross the creek to reach the rock formations on the other side and climb them, me telling her it was a bad idea because she'd get her shoes all wet and get blisters. Then Hayden repeating this piece of advice to a little boy she saw attempting to cross the creek:D.

* Mallorie begging to put on the hiking backpack and carry baby sister. She's such a nurturer and oh so ready to grow up and be an adult.

* Madison's little giggle when she'd rock back and forth in her carrier, because I was going too fast. I love these sweet little moments with her.