Thursday, March 30, 2017

3 Ways To Overcome Chronic Pain (& live life to the fullest)!

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Little fact about me: I tore my ACL on my left leg at a volley camp my Sophomore year of high school (and never got it fixed). This past fall, I got a hip injury, from over-compensating from my first injury and was in excruciating pain (seriously, some days just getting up and walking was difficult). Every day I had to make a conscious effort to push past the pain, and overcome the aches associated with both of my injuries. 

In December, the pain became so intolerable that I started seeing a chiropractor three times a week. But, after a month of treatment and no real relief I decided to start looking elsewhere for a reprieve from my pain.

Since then, I've learned a few things that really helped relieve the pain and subsequently what aggravated my injuries. I'd love to share three things that made a difference for me in managing chronic pain.


1. Remove aggrevators. The first step is to figure out what aggravates or flares up the pain. Then move to eliminate that activity altogether or minimize it.
For me, at the time of my hip injury, I was doing a high intensity dance class that I absolutely enjoyed but my body just couldn't handle all the pounding. So, even though it was an incredibly hard decision to do, I realized getting my body fit again was the main priority, so I stopped doing that class. A few weeks later I started to see some improvement on my joints. 

2. Stay active. I know it sounds counter-intuitive to workout when you're already in pain but maintaining your strength is really important and helps to take pressure of your joints. My suggestion is find a low-impact sport/activity that you can do without discomfort (like swimming or the elliptical).  
I actually started swimming for the first two months after my sabbatical from dancing and saw a huge improvement in my pain. Soon after, I felt good enough to start-up running again.

3. Ice &  Pain reliever. The two biggest takeaways I got from going to the chiropractor was to ice often and to take a pain-reliever in addition to that to relieve inflammation and to reduce pain. The more you continue to do this, the quicker you will see a difference! I've been taking Curamin® Stop Pain Now (Extra Strength 60 count) since mid-February and I have been really impressed by the level of pain relief it's provided. One of the reasons I like Curamin® is that it's a safe, effective, non-addictive herbal formula.
It's unbelievable to see the progress I've made in the past six months by simply doing those 3 steps I mentioned above. 
Did you know that Curamin® is the award winning natural pain relief product that has provided life changing benefits for hundreds of thousands of people around the world?
 I am now on track to conquer one of my biggest goals that I never thought I'd be fit enough to complete (running a marathon). I have a month left of training before the "big day" and everyday I feel stronger and more capable! 
 Aside from being able to regain my fitness, I'm very grateful for the energy it's given me to keep up with my little ones! Because, isn't that what we all want, to live life blissfully with our loved ones (without being held back by pain)?
If you're suffering from chronic pain I recommend you look into Curamin®! I found it at Toomey Natural Foods, but most health stores should carry it.