Thursday, March 23, 2017

Giving Back To The Place I Call HOME


I can't believe it's already been over three years since we made the decision to transplant our little family across the country from Utah to Ohio in the hopes of a happier more prosperous life. Let me tell you friends, Ohio has been incredibly good to us! It has given the hubby such invaluable knowledge and hands-on experience in the workforce and pushed us to grow and to thrive in our new surroundings (more-so then ever before) and allowed me the opportunity to dream big career-wise. Even though the decision to come out here wasn't an easy one, I know it was the right one!

One thing that really helped us in our efforts to make Ohio our home was getting out of  our comfort zone and meeting new people, making new friends and getting involved in our community through service projects and community sponsored events. 

I've been so amazed by the kindness and just overall goodness of people out here. I know that there are good people everywhere, but when we were first out here (on an internship) deciding whether or not to make the move, it's one of the things that really stood out to us (aside from the great job opportunity, of course). There is just a level of unprompted generosity and kindness that I've scarcely seen before and that makes me proud to call Ohio home!
Speaking of generosity; did you know that for more than 140 years, Cincinnati Bell has been dedicated to the enrichment and welfare of Cincinnati (the town in which we live, work, and play)?

Recently they've created a program (#CincyGive), dedicated to helping the Greater Cincinnati community by designing HOME t-shirts and donating the proceeds to four local charitable organizations (CancerFree KIDS, Dragonfly Foundation, USOSPCA). 
You can purchase a t-shirt that represents the heart of Cincinnati, the Roebling Bridge, and feel good about giving back to the community! Mine comes next week, and I can't wait to start wearing it and showing my hometown pride!

Another way that Cincinnati Bell is giving back to the community is through Connect Cincinnati by allowing everyone to stay connected around town via incredibly fast & free wifi (powered by Fioptics, the fastest internet available in Cincinnati). 
The app also offers special deals, location-based recommendations, and access to exclusive content for local attractions. I love the movement Cincinnati Bell is making through this app to cultivate the city’s trend of growth, development and innovation.

If you'd like to learn more about ways to give back to the community, or would like to learn more about Fioptics head on over here for more information. 

We just barely made the switch over to Cincinnati Bell Fioptics cable and internet (two weeks ago) but already I've been so impressed with their great service! I would recommend them to anyone living in the tri-state region of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, looking to upgrade to a faster internet!

Have a wonderful day! Thanks so much for stopping by!