Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer Picnics + GIVEAWAY!

A special thanks to PackIt for sponsoring today's conversation & giveaway!
We spent much of our vacation playing at the beach, making sand castles, taking in the beautiful sunshine, and having picnics.

We tried to make it a point of getting out and doing something fun every day (no matter how tired mommy was:D). I don't know why, but I always foolishly overestimate my level of stamina without my amazing husband around. Anyone else do this when they're flying solo?

In any case, I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I would have liked to, but here are the few from our bay-side resort stay.  
^ Loved looking up and seeing all these towering palm trees all around me. So gorgeous!
I was surprised by how much Hayden enjoyed playing in the sand (she's our resident "cleaner" and doesn't typically like to get dirty), but by the end of the day she was even begging to get buried in the sand.
^It's hard to know what our girls will want to eat on any given day (because they are such picky eaters), so, we packed everything for parfaits, some snacks and a chicken salad (mainly for the adults). 
They're favorite thing these days is to be become mermaids. Which is perfectly okay with me, since it means less sand to comb out of their hair:D!
The resort we stayed at was incredibly kid-friendly with large-scale games and activities around the pool (tic-tac-toe, checkers, corn-hole) plus lots of inflatables. The girls absolutely loved it!
Right before we went on vacation we got a fun surprise package of PackIt essentials. Their freezable lunch bags and picnic totes are such a cute and practical way to keep all your food cool on-the-go! These have been really great for camping trips, school and, picnics!
Because the entire bag goes in your freezer overnight and activates the built-in freezable gel, you never have to worry about food not being evenly chilled. We've been using PackIt lunch bags and picnic totes for the past year and have never had a problem with them (it does take about 12 hours for the lining to fully freeze, so be sure to plan for it).  
PackIt has just recently come out with a new Bento Lunch Box Set, which is compact, sleek and comes with a 3 compartment reusable container. It is currently available in three designs/colors (Paradise Breeze, Tie Dye and black).

Are you ready for a chance to win one of these?
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