Thursday, July 27, 2017

Belize At A Glance

Our first trip to the beautiful country of Belize was a whirlwind of beauty, adventure, and relaxation! It was the perfect way to celebrate our tenth anniversary!
Belize felt like a dream! Eight days barely scratched the surface of what this region, and what our resort, had to offer. 

Every day we had our pick of diving, snorkeling, caving, hiking, tubing, river tours, zip-lining & jungle adventures-we could have easily stayed for weeks exploring Belize! 

We chose to stay at Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort, because it has a perfect blend of high adventure, stunning beaches, world-class diving and mouth-watering cuisine, making it the ultimate coastal resort. It was exactly what we hoped it would be, and thanks to the warm staff (that exceeded expectations at every opportunity), it now sits firmly on the list of my favorites around the world. 

We can't wait to go back!

In the meantime I'll be day-dreaming about all of our dives, shark encounters, turtle sightings and spear-fishing we did.

Who wants to go to Belize?