Monday, July 3, 2017

Master Bath Remodel

Saturday was a long day spent installing & painting the Board and Batten wall trim. The process took a lot longer than expected (like most of my projects), but there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel, so I'm sharing a sneak peek of our bathroom remodel.
We pretty much changed everything in the bathroom and only kept the cabinets. We did floors, bath and shower tile, new hardware, new paint and light fixtures! We still have to re-stain vanities, swap out mirrors, and add more lighting, but the really difficult and time-consuming parts are finally in place and our bathroom is back to being usable again (hooray!)
I am a huge fan of light and bright so we went with a white Bianca Carrara marble subway tile for the shower, a white free standing tub & and an almost all white marble for the floor. 
One of my favorite features of our bathroom is the tile work (pictures really don't do it justice) it's way more impressive in person (since it goes with slope of the roof upto fifteen feet). One thing I wished I could add more of were these small mosaic tiles on the floor of the shower, they're such a subtle pop, but really amp up the spa feel. 
For paint we used, Frost White, to give the room a clean and airy feel. We also, installed a board and batten wall treatment to help transform the room into a more luxurious, spa-like sanctuary.

In order to truly appreciate the remodel, I think you have to see the state our bathroom was in before we started. This was the only picture I could find, but you can see it was dark and there was a lot of wasted space. Plus, the shower panels were really dingy, and made me want to leave the room almost as soon as I stepped foot in it. 
One of the "wasted spaces" I was all too happy to improve on was our water closet (on the left of the towel rack). Since we already had a wall that hid the toilet area, I thought we could better utilize the space by taking down the wall that's adjacent to the tub and it's accompanying door to open up the room. 

It was a tough sell for the hubby but I'm so glad he went along with my whim because It really helps to give the illusion of a larger space!
Right after taking these pictures the girls and I flew out to California to visit family. So, I wasn't able to take any more pictures of the remodel until we got back. 
There was a ton of patch work that had to be done on the ceiling and walls for them to look nice and seamless! We mudded and sanded them three times over the span of three days, if it wasn't for that we could have finished a couple days sooner.
The most stunning feature of our bathroom for me, is the tile work in the shower and can we talk about those glass doors! Aren't they stunning?! It's such a stark contrast from what we use to have in there!
We have many more updates that remain in the bathroom, but for now, I am enjoying the fact that I can put my feet up and soak in a tub once more:D.