Monday, September 18, 2017

DIY Oil Change

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When I was a kid, my mom taught me & my brother the importance of regular oil changes & how to change the oil. I think it was right after a bad streak of unreliable cars, and mechanics, that she finally decided to be a little more independent and stop relying so much on other people to take care of her car. It had only been eight years since we'd moved from Mexico, so I was still pretty young, but that message of self-reliance has stuck with me ever since.

Today, I'm getting my hands messy to show you how to change your oil so you can have a dependable car that takes you & your family everywhere you need to go!
If you're changing your oil for the first time, it will probably only take about an hour, and after you’ve had some practice it won’t take any more than 30 minutes!

I purchased my preferred oil for this tutorial: Quaker State® Ultimate Durability™ Full Synthetic Motor Oil , it was on rollback from Walmart (I love their everyday low price: $20.24). 
Here's what you'll need:
1. Quaker State® Ultimate DurabilityFull Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 QT (be sure to use the oil weight designed for your car as specified in your Owner's Manual).
2. Oil pan
3. Funnel
4. Socket wrench
5. Gloves
6. Rag

STEP 1. Pop the hood & locate the oil cap, and remove it.  
STEP 2. Put on gloves, and get under the vehicle to locate drain plug & place oil pan below it.
STEP 3. Unscrew the drain plug, using a socket wrench. Make sure you’ve positioned your hands to avoid the oil. Let it drain for 10 minutes to make sure all the old oil is out.
STEP 4. Once the oil is fully drained, wipe off the oil drain plug with a rag and put it back on tightly. Don't forget to place the old oil in an air-tight container to drop off at a recycling center!
STEP 5. Place the funnel in the oil pan, and pour in Quaker State® motor oil (double check owner’s manual for specifications .). Make sure to stop periodically and check that the dipstick shows proper oil level. 
STEP 6. Once your oil is changed, replace the oil fill cap, and check for leaks (by starting engine). If leaks are visible, shut off the engine and tighten the drain plug. 

That's it-you're done!
If changing your own oil isn't for you, you can always opt for the Do It For Me option at the Walmart Auto Center. The DIFM Pit Crew Oil change is only $19.88 and allows you to save time, money (and let's be honest: ENERGY).
 Now, what are you going to do with all your extra savings