Wednesday, October 11, 2017

And Then She Was Two!

My little (not so little) baby turned TWO yesterday, and it was such a special day for our family to cherish, celebrate, and marvel at the love we have for our littlest Hubbard! 
We spent the majority of the day playing, just the two of us. She loved all the one-on-one attention! Once her older sisters and daddy got home we began to celebrate Madison's special day and tried to give her as much joy as she has brought us during these quick two years!

Here are more few pictures I snapped from her birthday...
We've had some rough days of trying to balance family, school, and work, but I'm grateful that Tuesday I was able to put it all on the back burner and focus on my adorable little girl. Life is too precious to be concerned with getting straight A's, anyway right?
That huge and beautiful smile of hers makes all the hard days worth it!