Monday, October 9, 2017

Staying Committed

A special thanks to my friends at Medifast for helping me on my weight-loss journey! As always all opinions are my own! #Sponsored
October is THE hardest time of year to start on a diet, or to stay committed to a diet because of all the yummy treats and Halloween candy all over the house. But, it is definitely possible!

I keep reminding myself, that there is no convenient time to be on a diet, it's tough any time of year, because we're always celebrating some holiday, there's always a birthday or some event where there's going to be delicious foods that you'll want to consume. The important thing is
you stick with it! And when you get a craving opt for a healthier choice.
Something I've learned through Medifast is to focus more on the quality & quantity of food I consume. I'm finally starting to realize that I don't need as much food as I've become accustomed to eating. I'm officially on week 2 of the plan and I've already shed ten pounds. The progress I've been making is really helping to keep me motivated.
So, far staying on plan has been easy, the wide variety of meals has really helped to keep me enjoying the food, and not getting bored. It hardly feels like I'm on a diet! 

I love that I never feel deprived on Medifast Go, and whenever I get a craving, I can quickly blend up a delicious chocolate chip shake that not only satisfies my sweet tooth, but also keeps me full for hours.
Some thing else I've really enjoyed so far are the Flavors of Home meals, which are your ready-made Lean & Green meals. I didn't know if I would enjoy these, so I only ordered the Chili Lime chicken & rice entree, but now I'm kicking myself for not getting more. These are SO good, and totally make my day easier when I don't have more than a few minutes to whip up dinner for myself.

If you are ready to make a healthy change, I highly recommend joining Medifast! They currently have 7 Days of Free Medifast Meals + Bonus Gifts + Free Shipping on the first order as part of a renewal plan. Hurry and snag this deal before it's gone!

*Average weight loss for Medifast Direct® customers using Medifast Go™ is 11 pounds. Medifast Direct customers are in weight loss, on average, for 8 weeks.