Saturday, November 11, 2017

5 Tips To Keep You Going Strong On Your Diet

A special thanks to my friends at Medifast for helping me on my weight-loss journey! As always all opinions are my own! #Sponsored
I'll let you in on a shameful secret: when it comes to diets I've spent the better part of my life on the All-or-Nothing merry-go-round. Being incredibly strict with my diet throughout the week, carefully tracking every piece of food I consumed, until the weekend rolled in and I was sick of being so restrictive. So, I would give myself permission to indulge on Saturdays. 

Over the years I've learned the hard way that being a perfectionist dieter with an all-or-nothing mentality is not beneficial or conducive for real-life.

Here are 5 tips to help keep you motivated & going strong on your diet.
Before I get to the tips, I just have to say what a relief being on Medifast these past four weeks has been. The most rewarding aspect has been how incredibly liberated I've felt. 
I love that Medifast Go gives me the structure I need (through the recommended five Medifast meals) while empowering me with the skills and knowledge to create a lean and green meal that is not only delicious but satisfies my cravings. It's been truly a game-changer!

1. Watch your language

Avoid using "can't eat" "not allowed" and "good" and "bad" to describe the food you eat and yourself. These words promote the all-or-nothing mindset. Instead, opt for this phrase: "I can have it but I'm choosing not to eat it right now". Don't think of a food as being good or bad. By eliminating the forbidden nature of foods it will discourage rebellious behavior from occurring. If you really want to try something, go ahead. Enjoy a small serving and savor the flavors you love. It’s okay to give in occasionally; just as long as it's just a taste and you're not losing control and overindulging.  

2. Don't starve yourself

Starving yourself is not healthy, and will create an insatiable hunger that will likely sabotage any good intentions you once had. Just avoid this at all costs, and stick with a nutritionally balanced meal plan. You can stay satiated throughout the day by filling up on healthy foods and snacks that contain 150 calories or less.
3. Learn to modify

Don't get rid of your favorite foods, instead, learn to modify them into healthier versions. The best way to keep cravings under control is to give yourself permission to have them on occasion, without guilt, as part of your weight loss program. You have to find ways to give yourself wiggle room.
4. Don't beat yourself up

If you fall of the "wagon" by eating a tad too much one day, just put it behind you. Don't throw in the towel, but do figure out what triggered the overindulgence. I'm a stress eater, so I have to be very conscious about replacing my go-to coping mechanism (food) for healthy behaviors like taking a bath, going for a workout, or meditating.  

5. Perfection is overrated 

It's easy to feel guilt and shame about weight loss strategies you've tried and abandoned in the past before achieving your hoped-for results. It's important to remember that the key to optimal physical health and mental wellness is progress, not perfection.  

Now that you've heard my tips, I'd love to hear some of yours!

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