Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy Halloween!

 Is it just me, or did Halloween feel like it was the whole month of October? I am in no way complaining though because I loved EVERY second of it!
I hope you had a wonderful Halloween! This holiday always brings up fun memories from my childhood... staying up way past curfew, getting to dress up in spooky costumes, coming home to sort through our candy & trading with my sibling for our favorites. And, oh yeah, the best part: getting to binge on candy! 
Our kids got to do most of that this year for Halloween, but in a couple of days, their candy stash will disappear (because their little bodies can handle that much sugar). I use to be really creative about getting rid of their candy, by swapping it for a basket of new toys, or crafts, but I've become quite lazy over the years. I blame it on my third:D. At this point, our older two have grown accustomed to our "system" and they're completely fine with it. 
Here are a few things I want to remember about Halloween this year:
  • Madison's obsession with her Poppy dress and her love-hate relationship with her "wig". I think she pulled that thing off at least twenty times. 
  • Hayden coming home from our neighborhood "haunted house" and giving me a full recap of what scared her and the sweet things daddy and Mallorie did for her so she wouldn't get too scared.
  • Mallorie's desire to take over my candy-duties. She was all too happy to sit by the door in a cozy blanket and pass out treats (like mom had been doing).
  • Coming back to the foyer see Madison sneaking candy into her basket with a huge smile on her face that screamed: I'm  not doing anything I'm not supposed to.  
  • Hayden & Mallorie's surprise when I told them they could wear makeup as part of their costume (if they wanted). The answer was a very enthusiastic YES! 
Have wonderful day friends! It's time for me to start collecting on our parent tax!