Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Brilliant Magnetic Building Toys

A special thanks to Magformers for sending us one of their darling sets for us to try out and explore! As always all opinions are my own!
With so many educational toys on the market these days it can be hard to sift through the good ones. Today, I'm talking about a household favorite, that offers a variety of possibilities and keeps little ones stimulated & excited to use their imagination.

My girls have been playing with Magformers magnetic building sets for the past five years, and they still get excited to play with them whenever we get them out.
 Their latest Magformers set is this darling Log House set which includes 41 log cabin accessories + 46 of their classic geometric shapes and step by step idea booklet. This is a great set to start with because it gives you a large variety of pieces to work with plus some fun extras.
  What I like about Magformers is that all of their magnetic pieces are uniquely made to always-attract making them just as easy to use for my five-year-old as for my eight-year-old. 
Magformers also helps children fine-tune motor skills, conceptualize 3D structures and promotes team-work. 
This really is such a brilliant educational toy for children and it's one that they can create with all on their own (or alongside their family).
I have to say these Magformers sets are one toy they use consistently throughout the year and are drawn to with each coming year. I am so glad we decided to invest in these high-quality durable toys for them! These four sets are our favorites so farthisthisthis this .
I have some good news for those of you who are still shopping for a Magformers set!
Right now, you can purchase Magformers directly from their website and use an exclusive code so you can save 30%! Simply enter CH30% during checkout to get the discount.
Have your kids played with Magformers?