Sunday, January 28, 2018

Confidence & Accountability

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Accountability is a fine-tuned discipline that doesn't come natural to everyone and it refers to the actions you take on a day-to-day basis. Anyone that has ever attempted to lose weight and failed, understands that just because you have a desire to change- it doesn't really mean you will. 

Winter is one of the toughest times of the year to remain accountable to your health + fitness goals but it is doable (especially if you have the right tools)!
So in honor of the bright and beautiful year ahead I thought I'd share 5 tools to boost confidence and accountability.

This year I have been able to commit to making healthier habits and making myself a priority in my life (versus an afterthought:)). I've been really proud of the goals I've achieved this past year (like running a marathon, losing weight, and going back to school), but I'm already setting my sights on 2018 and the goals I can accomplish to mold a better version of myself.

Over the fall, I've really seen the importance that good nutrition plays on your overall health and happiness.
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5 Accountability Tools
1. Say Yes!
Before getting started, it's important that you check-in with yourself and that you're ready to say "Yes” to taking better care of yourself this upcoming year. Being internally committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals or new healthy lifestyle is essential for you to keep accountable for your actions. 

2. Alarms and reminders
I've found that creating daily and hourly reminders really helps to not only stay on track but improve confidence. By making small realistic "checkpoints" for yourself you start to build your trust with yourself and reaffirm the belief that anything you want to achieve you can (& will!). This can be as easy as setting alarms on your phone or posting notes on your laptop. 

3. Support
One of the easiest ways to stay accountable is to surround yourself with people who have a similar goal or lifestyle. By creating a support group of people that are committed to the same outcome, you will more easily stay true to your goal and succeed.

4. Bring the Money! 
We all know money is an incredible motivator, so when you put money on the line it creates a huge incentive for you to commit to the changes needed and secure your "investment". This could be done by paying upfront for a 6-month gym membership, personal trainer, a 5K race, etc. 

5. Tracking & Journal
Logging or tracking your daily actions helps map out your progress on the changes you want to implement into your life. Being able to see them and see the progress you're making is incredibly eye-opening. 
Your accountability chart can be as easy as listing the days of the week or month along one axis & on the other axis listing the actions you are implementing on a regular basis. As you complete the task each day you mark the box for the corresponding day, and over time, you can look over the chart and check-in with your progress.
Keeping a journal to reflect on the day and recommit your lifestyle changes you wish to make is key for identifying your strengths and weaknesses.
Are you ready for the new year? What are your moments of Yes?
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