Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Hair Repair with GLISS® + Dutch Headband Tutorial

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It's awful how dry my hair gets during the winter months! I know I put it through a lot with daily heat-styling but I never color my hair, so I thought I was doing enough to protect it and keep it from getting damaged. I was wrong. In fact, my hair feels the most damaged it's ever been.  

So, after a little research, I set out to find a product that would finally help me repair my damaged locks once and for all.  

It's called Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Ultimate Hair Repair shampoo & conditioner. I also picked up their Ultimate Repair leave-in treatment. 

Gliss provides incredible hair repair with their Liquid Keratin technology in their 3-step system including Shampoo, Conditioner, and Leave-In Treatment. 

This simple, yet effective hair solution is specially formulated to repair up to 10 layers deep, replacing lost Keratin to restore and restructure even the most damaged hair. 
So far these GLISS® Hair Repair™ products have been amazing. I love that I get combined patented keratin technology with essential benefits like intense hydration, long-lasting volume, and weightless nourishment, so I get the repair I need without having to compromise. These GLISS® hair products are also awesome to have for everyday use and reinforce your hair's strength.  
Another way I've been protecting my hair is by styling my hair into more braids vs. flat-ironing my hair. One simple and beautiful braid I have been loving these days is the dutch headband. In today’s post, I’m sharing the easy braided headband hair tutorial in six quick steps. 
STEP 1: Part Your Hair
STEP 2: Section Off Your Hair
Using a small comb separate your hair into two sections. Start at the crown of your head and work your way behind your ear. Secure the rest of your hair back with a hair band.

STEP 3: Create Dutch Braid On Each Side
Now it’s time to start braiding! Start at the part, divide your hair into three pieces, take the side strands and cross them under the middle strand, bringing in a section of hair and crossing under the middle strand. You will repeat that until you reach the bottom of your ear, at which point you'll secure the hair with a clear elastic.  
STEP 5: Expand Your Dutch Braid 
 The next step is to pull out the strands a bit to make the braid look fuller. 

STEP 6: Secure Your Braid
 The last step is to grab both braids and secure behind your head with an elastic. 
The best part of this hairstyle is the versatility. For today’s hairstyle, I simply wore my loose hair down to create a soft and feminine look; however, the options are endless. You could secure your loose hair into a ponytail, or you could create a beautiful braid with your remaining hair. I also love the idea of gathering your loose hair into a low bun.

No matter how you choose to style your loose hair, this hairstyle is guaranteed to help you look beautiful!

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You can find the Award-winning GLISS® Ultimate Repair shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment at your local CVS stores.
Have a wonderful day!