Friday, January 19, 2018

Our DIY white Kitchen Makeover

After months of planning and hard work, I'm so excited to share the first photos from our DIY white painted kitchen cabinets project! This last phase of the effort involved many late nights, early mornings, countless trips to the hardware store, and even a few tears. But now that it's all done, I feel the hard work truly paid off. I'm no longer overwhelmed by this room since we've created the perfect blank slate. Now, I can't wait to begin decorating the room in the style that I love!

 Since I'm currently a student, we did this project on a budget. I will go into more detail about our budget in another post but we saved big by painting the cabinets ourselves.

Before we get going on the "after" pictures, I feel I first need to share with you the "before" pictures so you can truly appreciate the transformation:).
This 2nd Picture is right after we installed the marble counters and backsplash. It was much more our style but it was still a little dark for our liking.
The main problem with our kitchen before was that it felt really dark and the hardwood floors clashed with the color of the cabinets. The easiest solution for me was to brighten the cabinets with some white paint.  
What do you think? Not too shabby, right?
We are still planning to add some new hardware to some of the bottom drawers and do a little bit of woodwork on the bottom cabinets, but overall we really love how our kitchen looks now! The comparison is really astounding to me, it just looks so pretty and clean-looking now. I'm going to take a little while just to soak in the beauty of the bright white blank slate.
I adore these industrial-style pendant lights! Can you believe they were just under $30?
We went with the more labor-intensive DIY option with the cabinets, but you can really tell the difference between using a paint sprayer and just using a paint roller. The surface is so smooth! It was totally worth the extra effort! 
We also added curtains to our morning room, which makes the space feel extra luxe.
I'm still in awe that our kitchen is finally done. Part of me thought this day would never come! Kyle did the backsplash back in August after we had the marble countertops installed. But, it wasn't until the day after Christmas that we started removing all the cabinets to prep them, sand them and paint them with a professional paint sprayer.  I am so thrilled with the way everything came out!

Stay tuned for DIY tips in the next post of our Kitchen makeover series. We learned a ton during this project and in our next post we will detail everything out so we can save you some time if you want to tackle this project too! 

Are you a fan of the white kitchen trend?