Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

Everyone who knows me can tell you that food is my love language. If I like you, chances are you'll get a meal or treat from me at one point in our friendship. It's just what I do. 

So, with today being the day of love-I got up early to whip up some sweet treats for the people who have my heart!  

As I've gone back to school to wrap up my business degree my quality time with my family has decreased dramatically. And it's been weighing heavily on me. What used to be quiet evenings with the family has turned into all-night studying sessions (for me) and play-dates with the girls( for Kyle). Kyle has been such an amazing support throughout this whole process, and It just reaffirms why he is my eternal companion! I am so lucky to have him! 

I often look back on my 20-year-old self and contemplate how I was able to find someone who is so perfect for me, so kind, so sweet, so patient (and of course willing to put up with my 50 shades of crazy:D) at such a young age! We were babies when we got married but we were wise beyond our years when it came to selecting a spouse! 

I am so grateful that we gravitated towards one another twelve years ago, because he has brought so much peace and happiness into my life, and given me the most amazing little girls I could ever have asked for! I don't know how I got so blessed but I will take it!
Well, friends, I hope you have an amazing Valentine's Day! I'm off to make more sweets (before I am forced to get back to studying:D)!

Are you planning something fun for this special day?