Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ways to Celebrate a Christ Centered Easter

Every Easter we attempt to help teach our children that Easter is not about the Easter bunny but instead it's about the death and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. 

There are so many fun, simple and beautiful things we can do with our families to celebrate the real meaning of Easter.

To help you develop your own Christ-centered Easter traditions, here are some activities that we have enjoyed doing as a family:
1. Easter Books
One of my girl's favorite traditions is getting to select a new Easter book that will help remind them of the true meaning of the holiday and help them draw closer to Christ.
This year we added to our collection Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter (Children's edition) and it has been a total hit! 
2. Making Cascarones 
Cascarones are hollowed-out eggs that are meant to represent Jesus Christ's triumph over death. My girls enjoy dying the eggs, decorating them with markers and filling them with confetti. They are a common tradition in Mexico this time of year.
3. Watching videos of the Savior. 
These two videos below are my favorite!
4.Easter Scripture Eggs
Having an Easter Egg hunt with eggs filled with scriptures and something that reminds us of the Savior's sacrifice is my favorite activity!
(Leigh Ann shows a wonderful example here)
5. Making Easter Treats
These hollow Resurrection rolls are so tasty, but the chocolate dipped cross pretzels are tasty too.
6. Easter Coloring 
Coloring Easter inspired images and making Easter crafts(1,2,3) is always so much fun for my girls. This Easter booklet is super cute as well as this coloring page.

How do you like to celebrate Easter?