Thursday, March 8, 2018

We have an Author!

So at the beginning of the year, Kyle told the girls about a writing contest for children in our area that was being sponsored by PBS KIDS Writers & Illustrators and our Public Library. 

The contest was offered to children in Kindergarten through Third Grade and it gave them an opportunity to build their critical literacy skills and get their book published. 

Kyle worked with both of our girls over a span of two weeks and encouraged their illustrations and imagination to help them complete their books. Both Mallorie and Hayden submitted their books and they were both so precious and unique! 

After a long month of waiting, we heard back from the contest and they informed us that Mallorie had won first place in the Third-grade division. Her book is called Malice Clover and it is such a creative little story about a little girl wanting to help her community. We are still waiting for her book to be finished but when it's done I will definitely share it with you all!

PBS KIDS Writers & Illustrators hosted a reception at the library for all the winners to have a book reading and celebrate the creativity of our little ones. It was such a fun event and it was such a sweet moment for Mallorie to have! We found out at the reception that Mallorie is going to have her book put in our public library's circulation (woohoo)! How exciting is that?!
I am so proud of our sweet girls! And I'm so happy that Mallorie could have this little honor because she is such a studious and hard-working little girl and so incredibly creative. I can't wait to see what else this precious girl accomplishes!