Thursday, March 8, 2018

Winter Fun

 The only time I can appreciate the cold weather during the winter months is when we get enough snow that its useful and we can go snowboarding or have a snowball fight. Anyone else detest the freezing temps?
But my girls, love every season and definitely don't mind the cold. They could easily play outside all day and night if I let them (they must have gotten their daddy's genes)! 
This winter we've been teaching the girls one of our favorite activities: snowboarding. We have a pretty steep hill on our property, so it makes it easy for the girls to get their practice on. I've been amazed at how quickly they've picked it up and aren't afraid of falling (ahh, to be young again!).
I know we don't have very much snow in our future, so we are doing our best to soak it all in and get our snowboarding on as much as possible. I think if we keep getting snow, these girls will be pros in no-time!

Have you ever snowboarded or gone skiing?