Monday, August 27, 2018

Road Trippin' & First Triathlon

Summer really is the BEST time for road trips. We had such a blast this weekend going down to Tennessee, visiting with friends and being Kyle's support-crew on his very first triathlon.

Here are a few more favorites that I want to remember from Saturday's Storm the Fort Triathlon race (Half Ironman distance)...
I loved that Kyle got to experience his first race with friends! I know how special running my first marathon with friends was and how powerful even just seeing a familiar face on the course could raise your spirits!
This little stud muffin trained day and night for 6 months for this race, so as you can imagine he was more than ready to get this over with!

Kyle has really transformed himself into an incredibly strong swimmer over this past year. He came out of the first leg of the race at 43:06 (8 mins slower than his average pace) but still on track to come in under his desired 6-hour mark and looking very strong!
Pretty much throughout his whole training, Kyle's been plagued with knee pain, so we were a little nervous as to how his knee would hold up. Especially after a long hilly course, he did last week which left him hobblingđŸ˜¢. 

But, we were hopeful everything would go according to plan. 
Apparently, the bike course was ALL hills, something he neglected to check out before signing up for this race. But regardless, Kyle muscled through it and got it done in three hours & seven minutes.
He was smiling on the bike leg, looking strong and in control when we saw him! It was looking like he was going to be able to finish where he wanted to!
The first time we started to worry was around mile 5-when we saw one of our friends (Christian) who was leading their little pack -ran past us and Kyle was no longer trailing behind him (I mean anywhere near him). 

We saw our other friend, Ben, a few minutes later who let us know Kyle was indeed having knee issues and was also cramping up.
I just have to add that both Christian & Ben rocked their triathlons! 
So, it turns out that after Kyle stepped foot off his bike in transition he was taken over by cramps. He tried stretching his quads and calves but then something else would cramp up. So, he decided to just start running and see if it got better. It didn't. He basically just did his best to keep running in spite of them. 

I was so impressed when he told me that! I am such a wimp! I would have totally called it quits! He did amazing! I am so unbelievably proud of him for persevering and seeing his goal through to the end.
 His tenacity inspires me! 
I am just so incredibly proud of this man! 
  Kyle finished in six hours and forty-four minutes, not exactly where he had envisioned coming in at, but not terrible given his circumstances! In my book, all that matters is how mentally tough he was to finish!
And from a support-crew's perspective, there is just nothing like rooting on your husbands with great friends! 
These girls and I sure had a wonderful time catching up and cheering on our husbands!
Of course, no race day would be complete without a good amount of inspirational postersđŸ˜‰!
I was so impressed with how well our kiddos did as they waited for daddy to finish his race! They were the cutest little cheering squad I've ever laid eyes on!
All and all, not bad for a first triathlon!