Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Half Ironman race & NoxGear's Visibility Vest

A special thanks to Noxgear for sponsoring today's conversation and allowing me to try their awesome visibility vest!
Hello there! Sorry I've been MIA! I have been so crazy busy with school, family, and training for a half Ironman race. The race isn't until next year but, I really want to crush it, so I have been working out really hard (in and out of the gym) trying to get my body fit and conditioned!

One thing that has completely brightened up my early morning runs and evening rides has been this Noxgear Tracer360 Visibility Vest. I decided it was time to get some kind of reflective vest after a couple of close calls with cars while I was on my bike one evening. I've basically come to the conclusion that if you're not lit up like a Christmas tree, drivers can't see you!
I did some research and read a TON of reviews before finally deciding on the Tracer360. 

I have been so happily surprised by this vest, it is way better than I  hoped for! This high quality all-season vest provides 360 degree illumination with a 40 hour battery life. I love how lightweight it is, I don't like to run with a lot of things, so I was worried that it might become cumbersome with long runs, but I found that it is hardly noticeble (weight-wise). 
Another great feature of the belt is that it's adjustable, so if you need to wear warmer clothing, this belt will totally accommodate it. Ps. I'm wearing the size small, it fits perfectly!

One thing I didn't know when I was originally looking at this visibility belt, was that it includes all the colors and has the option to either be a solid color or to flash in a series of colors.  To choose a specific color or a flashing mode you like, you simply hold the power button on the back. It's super easy and you can very easily change it while on your workout. 
If you're in the market for a great visibility vest, I highly recommend the Tracer360!

Here is a 35% discount code (SIMPLEMOD) to use at Noxgear.com