Friday, April 5, 2019

3 Steps to Revamp a Faux Fireplace {in 10 Minutes}!

A huge thanks to Smart Tiles for sponsoring Today's post and helping me to transform our fireplace! As always all thoughts are all my own!
When we were in the planning phase of building our home we were told we couldn't choose the location of our great room fireplace and that it could only be in the corner (which I detest). So we, of course, opted to not get one installed by the builders. But I still longed for the look of a fireplace. 

So, Kyle lovingly obliged me in building this cute faux fireplace. I love the hidden storage in the columns and in the top center cabinet! The only thing it was missing was a little TLC in the decor department. 

I knew I didn't want to invest too much time into this project (since we had two other projects we were also working on) so I thought about the best options for this project and finally settled on these simple and trendy SMART TILES. Have you heard of these?
What I love about SMART TILES, is that they don't require any grout, special tools, and don't make a huge mess when installing. You basically just peel & stick! It doesn't get any easier than that!
Plus, these are also great when you want something decorative on your walls but don't want the commitment of regular tiles (ie. if you change your mind in a year from now you can always swap them out for something different). 

Now that your lovely tile is in place you can start decorating the inner portion of the fireplace. I opted for thick Birch logs to accent the space, but any type of wood would do!

With your tiles and logs in place, you can now focus on the exterior of the fireplace. I went with some festive Easter tassles to brighten up the mantel but you can add things to the front and top of the mantel to really showcase the piece. Our space between the mantel and the TV is pretty small, so we opt to keep that clear of decor. 
Do you have a fireplace or faux fireplace in your home? How do you decorate it?