Tuesday, April 16, 2019

England Travels-pt. 2

Every time I look at our pictures from our England trip, I can't help but re-live all of our fun adventures there and become even more obsessed with England. I can't believe it's been eight months and I'm barely getting around to sharing them🤦 (you can thank school for that)!

With rolling green hills and charming sleepy villages, the Cotswolds easily represents English quaintness at its best. 
After a pit stop at the mall for some clothing, since the airlines lost our luggage, we headed to Bourton-on-the-Water. It is one of the prettiest villages in England surrounded by beautiful rolling countryside! This town is perfect for antique shopping, picnics by the water and finding a cozy and unique pub to eat at!
For our second stop of the day, we decided to visit Cirencester, also known as the Capital of the Cotswolds. Cirencester has such a gorgeous marketplace, I could have lingered there all day!
Our last stop of the day was in Bath, which if you ask most people it's known for being one of the prettiest towns in England (think postcard material). It definitely lived up to the hype (I'll share more pictures on my next post)! 
We were so excited about this part of our trip, not just because we got to explore Bath, but because we had plans to meet up with our friends. We just love them! They definitely made the rest of our trip even more interesting and memorable!

Alright, It's your turn! What are your favorite places to visit in England?