Tuesday, April 2, 2019

New Home + New Must Have!

A special thanks to Rug Pad USA for sponsoring today's post! As always all thoughts are all my own!
We finally have a home, which feels AMAZING after living in an apartment for ten months. Now that we're here, I'm realizing that we need to add a little more comfort to our main-level because the wood floors don't pair well with my 8-month pregnancy 🤰 feet:D!

The first thing on my must-have list for our home was getting a quality rug pad to put under our 14-foot rug. I looked at a handful of retailers but couldn't pass up RugPadUSA's cloud comfort 7/16" supportive non-slip cushion pad! 

I was nervous that this rug pad would come with a strong toxic smell (as some rug pads do), but thankfully there was no scent whatsoever! This memory foam has become my new BFF! 

As I mentioned earlier I got the 7/16" memory foam, and as you can see it is thicker than the rug we are putting over it. 
One thing I was super grateful for when ordering the rug pad online was that I didn't have to guess the approximate size of rug pad necessary (since it has to be smaller than your actual rug so that it's not visible). Luckily, RugPadUSA takes all the guesswork out for you and gives you the exact measurements when you put in your rug size. 
That way you get the coziest rug pad without compromising your home's aesthetics. You can barely tell there's anything underneath the rug, right?
My feet are so grateful for this rug pad! We all just want to sprawl out on the rug now.
 If you're looking for high quality cushioning rug pad that is non-slip, waterproof or has soundproof attributes-look no further RugPadUSA has a rug pad to meet all of your needs! 

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