Friday, April 26, 2019

Quiet Time in our Home

Today I'm sharing everything I've tried and learned about quiet time with our kiddos. This little break in the day keeps me (and my girls) sane and happy!

I started implementing quiet time with my first (9 years ago) when she was a toddler, as a way to teach her how to play independently, give momma a little down time in the middle of the day and to give her an alternative to naps.

Right now, my older two are in school for the majority of the day, so I only really have Madison at home with me. Of course, that will change in a few weeks when the baby arrives. 


For us, quiet time is the 1-2 hours after lunch when my daughter naps or plays independently in her room (without adult intervention).


The most obvious for moms, is that they get a break. I find that I am a little more patient with my kids when I've had some time to collect my thoughts get some things accomplished in the middle of the day. 

Kids also benefit from quiet time. Not only does this time give them structure and stability but it also allows them to make decisions for themselves which increases self-confidence. This independent play also promotes imaginative play and their problem solving skills. 

I'm sure this list of benefits could be a mile long, but the biggest benefit I've noticed after naps is that my children are less emotional and generally more calm and cooperative. 
What parent doesn't want that?

Have I convinced you to start quiet time? 

  • Read books
  • Play with magnets (we prefer Magformers because they don't collapse easily)
  • Play with felt boards 
  • Play with toy kitchen
  • Play dress-up
  • Play in tent/teepee (we have various to choose from in our home)
  • Play on train table
  • Play with wood blocks
  • Play with dollhouse
  • Play with sensory toys (we have a huge tub of rice with sea shells and various measuring cups and spoons)
What are some of your favorite quiet time ideas?