Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room Makeover + Must Haves

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Today, I’m talking about one of the smallest rooms in our house – the laundry room. Up until recently, it was just a depository for clutter and mounds of dirty clothes. So, I thought it was time to give this mighty space a much-needed makeover. 

Who says your laundry room can't bring you a little joy when you step foot in it? 
But first...a walk down memory lane! Let's see the before photos of our laundry room.
When we bought our home, we had a horrid wire shelf on the back wall and that was about it. It was immediately removed when we installed our washer and dryer, but our laundry room sat in this dreary state for months until I had a good vision for it (not to mention the time and motivation to transform it).

Here are a few more pictures of what our space looks like now...

This little space has a lot going on! From the bold herringbone wallpaper to the pretty wood and floral accents. You might not think open shelving is a good option in a laundry room, but it really helps make a small space feel more open and gives you an excuse to show off your pretty new baskets.

I love the idea of individual laundry baskets because it really helps to mitigate clutter. That way everyone knows what belongs to them and they can easily haul their folded laundry up to their bedrooms.

It's a rare day in our home when we don't have a load to wash! With my oldest two doing soccer and cross-country, some days it feels like we are overflowing in dirty laundry. I love that they are so active, but they always come home so stinking dirty after their practices and games. 

Luckily, we always have plenty of all® OXI with stainlifters laundry detergent &, all® free clear OXI, to tackle the toughest stains!

I'm so happy with how our little laundry room turned out. It might not be the most dramatic before/after of all time, but it's everything I hoped for (functional and beautiful)!
Now, excuse me while I go do some more laundry😉!
Thanks so much for reading!!!