Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Newborn Bliss + Favorite Monitor

A huge thanks to Levana for sparking today's conversation and giving me the peace of mind I needed with baby Adelle! As always all thoughts and opinions are mine alone! #OmaSense #sponsored
It has only been two weeks since baby Adelle's arrival and we're already so completely in love with her! She is such a sweet little baby and has filled our home with so much joy and happiness!  
Amidst all the blissful moments we've had, it's surprising to me how fearful I still am about SIDS. 

Adelle is our fourth baby girl, and you'd think I would be immune to the anxiety and fear that plagues mothers about their baby's sleep. But, as it turns out, I am just as nervous with Adelle, as I was with my first (Mallorie).
Sleep is precious no matter at what stage of life you're in but it is even more important when you're entrusted to care for someone who is completely dependent on you. In order for me to be able to do that, I needed to make sure that the times when baby slept, I was also resting (as opposed to lightly sleeping and jumping out of bed with every sound or noise baby made). In other words I needed someone or something to take the "night shift", so that I could actually get some rest.
Before Adelle's birth, I did a lot of research on baby safety products that would give me the peace of mind I required with an itty bitty newborn. What I cared most about was that it was comfortable and safe for baby (meaning it didn't have any dangerous cords or give off wireless/bluetooth signals), and that it was effective at alerting me if baby stopped breathing.
    When I found out about Oma Sense by Levana, I knew right away that my search was over! You see, it uses a patented algorithm called WakeUp™ Technology that monitors your baby's breathing movements and eliminates the false alarms that some of the other movement monitors are prone to. 
    How it works is it clips onto baby's clothing or diaper and monitors their breathing movements. If it doesn't detect movement it alerts you in seconds. When we first got the OmaSense I was worried that I would sleep though the alarm, but trust me, it is loud enough that you wouldn't miss it! There's been quite a few late nights where I unclip the monitor to change a diaper and set it on the bed, only to be startled by the alarm.
    We started using Levana's OmaSense movement monitor the night we came home from the hospital and it has really given me a lot of comfort at night, because I trust that if anything was to happen to Adelle while I slept It would quickly notify me and give me a chance to aid her.

    If you have a little one on the way or a baby under six months of age, I highly recommend the OmaSense movement monitor!
    Thanks so much for stopping by, I'm off to get some much needed rest!