Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Most Comfortable Pillow +GIVEAWAY!

A special thanks to I Love My Pillow for sponsoring todays post! As always all opinions and thoughts are all my own!

Sleep has become one of my most cherished yet elusive commodities these days.  As a mom to a newborn, I can easily say that I'm obsessed with getting a good nights rest. 

That's why when I found out about I Love My Pillow, I jumped at the opportunity to try out their Out Cold cooling bed pillows. 

I've been a memory foam lover ever since Kyle and I bought our first memory foam bed and pillow-set as newlyweds. But the quality of memory foam in these pillows is amazing, and completely unlike what we've been used to in the past. Apparantly  a lot has changed in the memory foam technology over the past decadešŸ¤£!
These pillows are made with a memory foam that is flexible, lightweight and that perfectly contours to your touch. Which is why they work for all sleep positions. 
One of the neat things about these Out Cold pillows is that they come with a super plush fabric on one side and a cooling fabric on the other. So, if you are one of those people that gets warm at night, these would do wonders for you!
These, also have a side that gives your neck and head extra support, so no matter which way you twist or turn your spine remains aligned. One of my favorite features though, is that these soft, breathable covers are machine washable and that the foam itself is hypoallergenic. 
Since switching to I Love My Pillow, I've noticed that I am getting deeper sleep in between all the baby feedings because I am not getting up to readjust my position in the middle of the night. These are easily the most comfortable pillows I've ever slept on! And, I can honestly say that I love my pillow!
But don't take my word for it, try it out for yourself! The creators of I Love My Pillow  are confident you'll love them too. They are currently offering a rare discount for 20% off your purchase, with code RARE20. You can also, sleep risk-free for up to 100 nights! 
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