Thursday, May 14, 2020

My favorite Personalized Self-Inking Stamps | The Stamp Company

Find out why thousands are buying these darling personalized self-inking stamps from The Stamp Company! A special thanks to The Stamp Company for sponsoring today's post. As always all opinions are mine alone.
Now, that we've been in our home for a bit, I thought it was about time we made a stylish stamp to embellish our stationary, envelopes and gifts! I love the look of Calligraphy but it just takes too much time (way more than I have:D). I really wanted something classic, mess-free and functional that I could use thousands of times with minimal effort. 
I'm happy to report that I found just what I was looking for while browsing through The Stamp Company's stylish collection of self-inking stamps. But, then I quickly realized that one stamp would just not suffice! They have SO many cute options to choose from!

The stamp I opted for is called Beautiful Return Address Stamp. Pretty, isn't it?
These are of course great for every day mail duties, but they also make fantastic gifts for several occasions like for engagements/weddings, housewarming gifts and Christmas gifts.
I just love that they add an undeniable chic-factor to everything. I'm obsessed with these! 
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Are you ready to make your own gorgeous stamp? Stop by The Stamp Company to make your personalized self-inking stamp! 

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Happy Stamping Friends!