Sunday, March 28, 2021

Weekend Vibes

I always look forward to Saturday. I’m a firm believer that the weekends were made to be outdoors😍✨!

 Saturdays are my long rides and boy was it a happy day for me to be able to ride outdoors Today with gorgeous weather (in mid 50’s)?! Can the weather just stay this nice for like ever?! I could definitely get used to this😎. 

This week I have been focusing a lot on the intensity I bring to my workouts and incorporating speed work.


2 things that I think about when I feel exhausted during a workout is

1. Don’t quit just take a break- recover and get back to it👊.

2. The body can do just about anything, it’s the mind that needs convincing!


I have another big week of challenging workouts ahead and Im excited to see what my body can do as I also key in my nutrition.

Nutrition Is such a huge component of training for me and not just for fuel during workouts but as I try to balance shedding weight with managing my energy throughout the day. I don’t want to sacrifice performance for weight but I do think there is a happy middle ground there. And my nutritionist is helping find that balance💕. I am so excited for this journey!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend😘💕!