Saturday, May 29, 2021

The skinny on my weightloss!

Someone mentioned to me last week that I was getting too skinny and I laughed💕😅 because getting too skinny is So not on my radar but getting lighter While  more muscular is!!

I want so bad to reach my goal And get to my Ironman feeling like I laid it all out and did my best in every area I could focus on. While nothing is guaranteed and I could get injured at any point that is what Im shooting for.  Being fit is just part of the equation but not being skinny! Not that I havent shed weight because I have but its been a struggle!

Losing weight on your own is never easy but especially when you have kids or you are training for an event! The weight does not come off easily , at least For me! 

So I got a nutritionist! Having someone that knew what they are doing with nutrition was my top priority because I had plateaued for months(while still Doing The same 10-12 hrs of physical activity per week). And was just ready to follow a plan and get healthier! I have gotten way more than that though💕!

I have now lost 22#s in the last two months and have enjoyed eating all the foods(in moderation)! Lots of things have worked for me in the past but most of them had me feeling deprived and I would eventually binge eat. 

But now things are different, my association with food is different. And I Love that I have found a program that is sustainable and that I have shifted away from that mentality and that I can truly nourish my body and No longer have cravings for sweets or junk food.

I will go ahead and Link below the program I am doing(it only took about 2 weeks to realize this was really going to work)  in case anyone else can relate and wants to get away from diet mentality while getting stronger! 


Best part is they have 2 week free trial! I actually started with that (since I was skeptical it would work For me). After you try it and it changes your life come back and tell me all about it😘💕!