About Me

Hi There! I'm so glad you stopped by! Welcome to my little blog, I'm Christian! 

My Simple Modest Chic is a lifestyle & fashion blog dedicated to finding, creating and sharing the simple things in life. It's a platform for inspiring and encouraging readers to join in on the DIY-actionget creative in the kitchen & live adventurously.

Because I am a lover of food, and admirer of all things sweet, you will also see lots of simple & delicious recipes on here {which are the best kind, if you ask me}! 
I started the blog back in 2013 as a means to share my simple, modest sense of fashion {hence the name}, right after my weightloss journey. Even though my fashion philosophy has changed quite a bit since then, these days I still do my best to culminate comfort, style & function into each of my outfits. Over the years, this site has transformed & grown into a platform for sharing more than just fashion. I love sharing my passion for fitness, fun entertaining ideas, crafts, DIYs, and little discoveries I stumble upon, in the hope that they will add an element of luxe into your home/life and help create unforgettable moments!

And while you may still see a galore of styled photos of me on the blog, my world truly revolves around my family: Kyle, Mallorie, Hayden & Madison. So, this site reflects the little adventures, struggles and successes of our lives.

Blogging has been an incredibly refreshing way for me to document our messy, sometimes wild, beautiful life. I love being able to capture the special moments in our lives {the happy, the good and the bad}, motherhood can be such a trying adventure, but it's so much sweeter when you know you aren't alone in your journey. 

We all struggle, we all have bad days, but there's also those perfect beautiful days you live for {and that make all the bad days seem worth it}. I love that we always have the promise of tomorrow to do it all over again and be the best mommas we can be for our little ones! I'm so grateful I get to share this crazy thing called motherhood with you!

So, thank you for stopping by and please don’t hesitate to send any questions you have my way! You can easily reach me at Christian@mysimplemodestchic.com!